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Yo! Thanks for checking out our site. Prima Crush is a cassette label that started somewhere in the fall of 2011 in the (in)famous city of Tijuana, México. Founded by David Bravo and Gabriel Duprat, two musicians/producers/visual artists and friends who have been active in the independent music scene for over 10 years. The idea is to help artists whose music we love, whether it be by releasing cassette tapes (digital download included of course), art design, music production or whatever else we can offer.

At the moment our main output will be cassettes, and the reason we chose to deal exclusively in this medium, is not just because cassettes are cheaper than vinyl and way cooler than cd’s or that magnetic tape cures cancer and what not, but because we’re really enjoying the experience of listening to the music we love in what, up to our teen years, was the most popular form of music sharing and worship, and while in the CD age the cassette was relegated to become that cheap-o version of an album today it has an opportunity to blossom into a truly unique physical medium for music, and as designers and musicians this is what excites us the most.

Our attempt is to take the cassette medium out of the of DIY, Lo-fi, punk aesthetic and show how it can work for all kinds of genres and be appreciated by all kind of music lovers, even those who don’t really want to play their music on a cassette deck. Even though the majority of us mainly use mp3 format on a daily basis, some of us still have cassette decks in our cars or use the cassette thingy to connect our players to the car stereo. (Yeah you do!) Nonetheless!, all of our cassettes include free high quality 320kbps mp3 downloads. Our tapes are professionally manufactured by a company that’s been making cassettes since the 50′s and feature artwork designed with all the love and care a human can have for a plastic object.

Feel free to submit your work for consideration, as long as your music moves you and moves us, we can find a way to work together.

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