Dani Shivers


It all started when Schaffner, the singer and one of the main songwriters of indie band Ibi Ego, set out to record a headful of fleeting melodies that often escaped her. Describing herself as, ‘very forgetful,’ Schaffner used a simple formula to remember potential songs by: a cheap Radio Shack microphone, toy keyboards, and her mother’s virus-ridden PC. She started recording in the DIY studio that doubled as her bedroom. But the disconnect between the song constructions that Schaffner imagined and the constraints of shoddy instrumentation produced unexpected results. She started exploring the possibilities within its limitations. With a mix of pop melodies and unusual sounds that seem to be taken out of a horror film, Dani Shivers crafts naive and fun songs with the help of toy keyboards rescued from her childhood and a batch of aggressive, obscure and danceable beats.

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